Moscow Photographic Salon is an annual fair that brings together all participants of the Russian photography market – galleries, foundations and private collectors.

   This year the fair will be organized for the third time. It is still the only event in Russia presenting formulated offer in the field of photography and a clear system for standardization and assessment of photographic works.

The Salon is positioned as an analog to world famous photographic fairs and aimed at establishing the Russian photography market and its integration into the global one.




Moscow Photographic Salon 2014

Galleries. Foundations. Collections: 12/09 – 16/09
Independent authors: 20/09 – 28/09

Moscow Photographic Salon is an annual fair to bring together all the participants of photography market: galleries, foundations, private collections. At present, it is the only event in Russia which has worked out its specific commercial offer in the sphere of photography.

The Salon will be held in two stages over the period from September 12 to September 28, 2014 in the Gallery of Classical Photography, the total area of which is over 1,000 square meters. In the first part which will be held from September 12 to September 16 there will be demonstrated collections of Russian and foreign galleries, foundations and photography collectors. During the second part of the Salon, which will fall at September 20-28 one will have a chance to contemplate the works by contemporary Russian authors from different corners of our country.


Moscow Photographic Salon 2013

  Moscow Photographic Salon, organized by the Classical Photo Gallery, took place from the 12th until the 22nd of September, 2013. The Salon is the only event in Russia focused on creation and development of the photography market. The major task of the organizers was to represent a well-defined offer in the photography sphere and to determine the demand trends for galleries and dealers. 

Mass media showed a high interest in the Salon — the opening was shown by 9 television channels (including 3 federal channels), total amount of mass media announcements exceeded 120. One of the world's leading photography experts Serge Plantureax spoke during the opening of the Salon and confirmed the interest of the European photographic community to the event.

UniCreditBank was the title sponsor of the Salon.

The Russian Managers Association and the British Higher School of Art and Design were the partners of the Salon.

Kommersant Publishing House, NTV+ Channel, Foto&Video Magazine, Chocolate Radio were the media partners of the event.

13 galleries, funds and private collectors and 36 authors from all the Russia took part in the Salon. The total exhibition perimeter was 325 meters, and the total exhibition area exceeded 1000 sq. m. Around 400 works of photo artists were exhibited as part of the Salon; the overall value of the works exceeded 135 million rubles.

Four special projects were presented: The Last Supper by Rauf Mamedov, an exhibition of graduate works of senior students of Rhode Island School of Design, and globally recognized photographs of the 19th century: Le Nouvel Opéra de Paris: Sculpture ornementale — a portfolio of Louis-Émile Durandelle, and a report on the Crimean War of 1854 by Roger Fenton.

More than 6000 viewers visited the Salon.


Moscow Photographic Salon

Ежегодная ярмарка объединяющая всех участников фотографического рынка

Впервые Салон состоялся в 2012 году в Галерее классической фотографии под названием PhotoMixFight и объединил под своей крышей работы нескольких десятков фотографов со всей страны. Мероприятие было тепло встречено публикой и в том же году состоялось ещё раз в пространстве Photo_Hub_Manometer в центре дизайна «Арт-Плей».

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Галерея классической фотографии

Largest non-profit excibition space in Russia.

Галерея Марка Коберта

Moscow gallery specialise on american and european photography of XX century.

Клуб коллекционеров фотографии

Photocollector's Club. A non-profit institution created on the basis of the "Theophania Gallery". Its specialization is Orthodox photography and modern Russian camera journalism.