Moscow Photographic Salon

Moscow Photographic Salon is an annual fair that unites all participants of photographic market.

Moscow Photographic Salon is an annual fair that unites all participants of photographic market – galleries, foundations and collectors. Currently it is a unique event in Russia that presents formulated offer in the sphere of photography.

The Salon took place for the first time under the name PhotoMixFight in Gallery of Classical Photography in 2012 and it united works of several tens of photographers from all over the country. The event was positively welcomed by audience, and the same year it was once again organized within Photo_Hub_Manometer in Art-Play design center. In the spring of 2013, the fair was simultaneously organized in two exhibition areas – in the Gallery of Classical Photography there were exposed set of works from Russian photo-galleries and photographic foundations, and in Photo_Hub_Manometer there were presented independent authors among which there was a good few of celebrities. Besides exhibitions, there were organized some seminars with participation of leading Russian photographers and collectors of photos within fair.

In 2013 the fair was opened under its present name. Renaming was caused by, first of all, changed team of organizers and some change of conception – the Salon is positioned as a professional event oriented on professionals of photographic market and collectors searching for new works, now it is divided in two stages. 14 galleries and foundations, more than 30 independent authors that presented broadest range of photographic works participated in the Salon. Moreover, organizers presented several special photographic projects of museum level – exhibition of photos of Rauf Mamedov and the collection of graduation works of Rhode Island School of Design graduators for 1969 – 1978. The space, occupied by the Salon in two-stores of the Gallery of Classical Photography, was more than 1,000 sq. m. The Salon opening was covered by 8 TV channels, and the total quantity of media publication exceeded two hundred and a half. The Salon was visited by more than 8,000 persons.

The distinctive feature of the Salon was open prices for works and the possibility of participation on a free-of-charge basis – organizers underline that the primary target is creation of the civilized photographic market in Russia.