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Partnership and sponsorship in the sphere of culture and art became an important component of modern business. Support of fine and musical arts, literature, cinema, theaters, museums, and festivals attracts modern business not only as a possibility of advertisement and image building for any company through the sphere providing maximum “entrance into society” and, obviously, representing a socially important sphere.

Sponsorship represents one of forms of social investments. This is neither altruism, nor philanthropy, nor arts patronage. The following definition of sponsorship is more precise: Sponsorship (lat. spondee – warrant, guarantee) is, generally, an activity of legal entities based on agreements between event organizers, of the one part, and a commercial company, of the other part. The sponsor support differs from other types of material assistance exactly by obligatorily providing the counter service.

The culture and art as objects of sponsorship provide wide possibilities. And, of course, a sponsor again faces the issue to determine a scope of its activities according to business goals and interests of the audience to be affected by such a sponsor.


On partnership and sponsorship

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