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How is it possible to become a participant of the Salon?

Detailed instructions are described in the section Information for Participants, in few words the procedure is as follows. It is necessary to download the application from the website of the salon, fill it and send to the organizing committee, providing short description of a gallery and/or collection, as well as preview of works to be exposed. Participation in the Salon is free of charge. The aim of organizers are is not profit-making, they give priority to artistic and historical value of presented photos.

How many galleries and foundations participate in the Salon?

Depending on the gallery size and quantity of works presented the space of the Gallery of Classical Photography, where the Salon is held, allows comfortable accommodation for 15-17 exhibitors. Limitation of Salon participant quantity constrains organizers to allow the participation only of those galleries and collections that presents photos of exceptionally high artistic and historical value.

What is the approximate price range for the exhibited photos?

One of the main differences of photography as an art is considerably higher affordability level of prices on works and, as a result, higher its attractiveness as a collectible object. Following this logic, it is possible to say that the bottom level is 1,000 rubles for a print and 15-20,000 rubles in average for vintage photo of a master of note.

Works of world stars are estimated at 300-500,000 rubles.

What is the difference between Moscow Photographic Salon and Moscow Photo Biennial?

Unlike Biennial, that is held twice a year and represents museum-oriented expositional projects, the Salon is organized each year and has a dominated commercial component. In fact, it is a photo fair, a meeting place for photo galleries and collectors. The event is positioned as a professional one and is primarily designed for those people who collect and like photo, but this fact, of course, does not reduce its attractiveness for wide audience.

What is the ratio between Russian and foreign galleries which participate in the Salon?

The goal of the Salon is to present, first of all, masterpieces of world photography in Russia, therefore among the total quantity of Salon participants 2/3 are foreign exhibitors and 1/3 are Russian ones.

Which expositions will be presented by galleries and what is a special project within the Salon?

A distinctive feature of the MPS is giving total freedom to participants in selecting photos to be exposed and in stand decorating. It is allowed exhibition of works of a single author as well as randomly composed exposition. There are no any limits on the part of organizers.

Special project is an exhibition of photos dedicated to a specific topic, presented by private photo collections in the Salon. Project is being prepared by invited curators and, in some sense, reflects expositional theme of the fair.